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The only Telescope in Singapore, Astronomy Visions is proud to be the best location for all Singapore Astronomy activities especially stargazing in Singapore.. With your Telescope usage in Singapore, there can only be happiness upon looking at the stars and the night sky to appreciate space & the wonders of the Universe. Astronomy Singapore is possible. Singapore Stargazing with Telescopes is a new trend.

As for Binoculars, one can easily use them for Astronomy & stargazing purposes in Singapore. Singapore Astronomy is not that hard with it. Unlike Telescopes in Singapore, Binoculars used for Astronomy & Astronomical purposes are easier, more user friendly and more portable to see the star (stargazing), Moon, planets, space & the Universe. The night sky in Singapore is awesome for Astronomy & stargazing.

School Astronomy Clubs

Stargazing Telescope in Singapore

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