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We aspire to promote the public's interest in space & astronomy through our excellent products & services.


Founded to advance the interests of stargazers in Singapore, we are an astronomy company that seeks to guide amateur astronomers in their journey to explore the Universe.

Present in the local astronomy scene since 2007, we strongly believe in community spirit among enthusiasts and work hard to serve our clients with our excellent products & services.


"Knowledge of science & telescopes were nothing but impressive! I highly recommend to use their stargazing services because it is highly educational, fun & impacting."

- Professor Christopher Hodshire,

Western Michigan University

“The right place for keen amateur astronomers wanting to purchase their first telescope without breaking their wallets, Astronomy Visions' passion for astronomy and bringing new blood into the hobby is unparalleled."

- Chin Zong Yang,

Nanyang Technological University

Astronomy club president,


"Much knowledge & skills from Astronomy Visions were needed to put together the various components for an inexpensive telescope. Was awesome to actually see fine details of Jupiter's Great Red Spot!"

- Vincent,

Amateur Astronomer

“I was looking to buy an affordable yet light & portable telescope. Luckily, Astronomy Visions was there to recommend me the SkyWatcher BK707 telescope to fulfill my needs."

- Matthew S. Lim,

Nanyang Polytechnic

Astronomy club president,


“With great passion & willingness to share their love for astronomy, Astronomy Visions have contributed to the amazing experience of stargazing for those curious.”

- Alfred Lim,

Science Educator

“Great prices that I cannot find elsewhere. The willingness to guide me on how to take care of my SkyWatcher BK90 MAK telescope and its accessories converted me to be a loyal repeat customer of Astronomy Visions."

- Jonathan Lim,

ITE College East

Astronomy club president,


"Energetically promoting astronomy among the youth, Astronomy Visions's enthusiasm is infectious: we really need more of such people to promote more science & astronomy outreach!”

- Seetha Sharma,

Amateur Astronomer

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